Inspiration: May 31

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Inspiration: May 31 >> Life In Limbo

There was one particularly beautiful moment in the interview in this episode of Happier with Ross Gay when he talks about how joy is absolutely a rigorous sensibility that takes practice and discipline. The section starts at 27:05 but the whole episode is great.

Loved this podcast on productivity shame from Hurry Slowly. I think productivity shame is REAL and hard and really affects so many of us.

Very interesting answers here to the question “What are some non-obvious ideas or habits that can change your life—that once you know about them, you don’t want to live without them again?”

Some fun & clever tips here for making your Instagram stories more beautiful!

Very good distinction here about the different kinds of wealth and why some are a trap!

This was Paul Jarvis’s newsletter from a couple weeks back but I’m still thinking about it because it so perfectly captures my philosophies on business too. What matters is whether or not your business is profitable!

I would not exactly call this VICE article on AirPods “inspiring” – although perhaps it will inspire some people to not buy them? It feels important though that we read this and think more carefully about our purchasing decisions.

This week on my business blog I’m talking about how I broke down a big project into manageable steps!

PS. I’m toying around with the idea of blogging more regularly in posts like this one and this one. Inching ever closer to that Seth Godin daily blog life!

I spent most of this week recovering energetically from my masterclass last week at Make Lemonade! Even though it went well and was fun & exciting, it took a lot out of me mentally. So it’s been a gentle week taking things slowly and giving myself lots of time to decompress. This weekend, I’m dogsitting for the family pup and I cannot wait for some of those puppy cuddles! Not to mention the peace and quiet of being out of the city. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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