Inspiration | May 30


I adored this post about how the ways we take care of ourselves and show self-love are totally personal and unique! It was such a refreshing perspective and really made me re-think how I’m going to care for myself going forward.

Oh Dear Drea always posts photos of good, simple living. I think I must have pinned at least three pictures from this post alone to my vision board. Indian lunch feasts + a backyard hammock? Sign me up.

A really important piece about the importance of saying no. “You are allowed to not know. You are allowed to listen. You are allowed to say no. You are allowed to change your mind.”

In the aftermath of the Isla Vista tragedy, this open letter a mom wrote to her son was especially poignant and felt very important.

Dreamy picnics forever, please.

Short-but-sweet, wise and true advice from an 100-year old.

An adorable cartoon about the difference between empathy and sympathy, as explained by Brené Brown.

A reminder that we’re all doing better than we think at living life. I shared this with some friends earlier this week and we all needed to read it.

“Big sexy dreams are only accomplished one tiny, very unsexy step at a time.” I absolutely loved this article giving us all permission to be unsexy, every day. It really left an impact on me.

“…and yet there is a voice in my head saying “You are not doing enough. Try harder.”” Such an important topic – we have to stop beating ourselves up, stop feeling guilty, stop trying to do everything all at once.

Some things I’d like to make + eat: strawberry rhubarb quinoa crumble | one big cookie | literally any kind of pizza.

Two Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately: @madeleinelumley posted some food photos this week that I immediately screengrabbed and that made me want to drop everything and go make them myself (bonus points because it’s all healthy food!). @brightbazaar just consistently posts beautiful, brightly-coloured pictured of lovely things.

Some oldies-but-goodies: how to make time for your passions, who are you doing a favour?


I can’t believe that it’s the second-last day of May. I can’t believe my childhood home is officially on the market! I can’t believe I’ve been in Korea 3 months. Clearly, time is flying. It sometimes feels like the days are passing slowly, but holy cow, when I think of all that’s happened between January 1st and today, I’m floored, I’m grateful, and I’m blown away. Life moves fast.

I know this weekend will move equally fast. On the agenda: beach yoga, a potluck, and hopefully lots of reading. I’m reading two great books right now, Thrive and The Master and Margarita. As always, I post photos from my adventures (or more often just of my feet in various locations) and you can see them by following me on Instagram @lifeinlimboblog!

PS. The first monthly newsletter is going out this morning! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll send it out on the last Friday of every month with the highlights from the blog from that month. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Thanks as always for reading.

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