Inspiration: May 29

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Inspiration: May 29 >> Life In Limbo

For Mother’s Day this year we got my mom a subscription to StoryWorth. It’s a service that emails out question prompts for her to answer with stories from her life. At the end of the year, it turns it into a printed book. This week we got the first one by email (the prompt was “What was your Dad like when you were a child?”) and we all cried at her beautiful response. Highly recommend as a tool to bring your family closer together!

I like this little virtual deck of “care cards”: prompts, quotes and suggestions for taking care of yourself.

This was a cool video that really made me appreciate the ingenuity and acrobatics of squirrels.

I started doing another workout challenge this week after completing Yoga With Adriene’s HOME 30 Day Challenge. Now I’m doing this ‘Summer Sculpt’ challenge from Blogilates and WOOF. Pilates is so hard, y’all!! But it also feels good to get a bit stronger.

I’m in the midst of trying to put together a bit more of a summer wardrobe and this blog post full of Everlane options was good inspiration!

I’ve recently been loving finding new home decor accounts on Instagram. My latest faves: Reserve Home, Hot Pink Pineapples and This House 5000.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Tiny Decisions on the blog, but I use it all the time! Especially for things like my personal/business development groups when we have to decide who goes first, but I can also think of so many fun uses you could set up.

Another week has absolutely flown by! I’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather and sunnier days we’ve been having, and have been trying to get out for walks and sit on the front porch every day. I’m also staying strong in my Romanian learning on Duolingo (today marks 55 days!), but haven’t been doing a ton of reading or almost any TV watching. Weird for me, but whatever! This weekend I’d love to (safely) go for a hike, read a good book, and make a fun cocktail. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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