Inspiration: May 22

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Inspiration: May 22 >> Life In Limbo

I watched all three of the Growing Through It case studies from Wandering Aimfully this week and was blown away by their recommendations & redesigns for small business owners. They’re also selling their Un-Boring Coaching Program at the moment for the last time in 2020!

I used this free sewing pattern five times over the weekend to make masks for all my family members. I wanted to re-share it here in case you need an easy one to follow!

I really liked this episode of Hurry Slowly about Anxiety vs. Intuition, especially the stories of how Jocelyn followed her own intuition last year!

I spent a big chunk of my week transferring my Inbox Zero course over to Teachery! If you’ve been wanting to find a little more peace in your email, now is a great time to join (it’s still 50% off!).

Seth reminded us this week that difficult conversations are only difficult because we want two things to happen at the same time. So insightful & helpful!

In case you missed it, I’m running weekly virtual Productivity Parties through the end of June to help you get more of your work done in a focused way. Learn more here!

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has been okay – I’m still having trouble sleeping, but I’ve been absolutely loving the sunshine we’re having. I’ve been getting outside multiple times per day to soak up all the fresh air & blossoms and sudden greenery that we have everywhere in the city. I am grateful for that. This weekend I’m planning to go for a picnic somewhere quiet with my boyfriend and get a lot of reading done (preferable outside!). I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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