Inspiration June 5: Black Lives Matter

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Inspiration June 5: Black Lives Matter

This week I’m sharing the most helpful resources & information that have inspired me to take action in the fight against racism. I want to be super clear and unequivocal here: I believe that Black Lives Matter, and I am committing to further understanding my privilege and how to be a better anti-racist ally going forward. I have so much work to do, and I will not do it perfectly, but it’s not about me. It’s about the lives that are being lost daily due to systemic and systematic racism.

I signed up for this Anti-Racism Daily newsletter and so far it has been incredibly helpful.

I also signed up for Rachel Ricketts’ Spiritual Activism 101 course. I haven’t yet watched it due to some added security measures they’ve added because it’s so popular right now (which is amazing!!) but I can’t wait to dive in.

This week I have been learning a lot from Rachel Rodgers. Her IGTV about Marie Forleo and the good white Liberal response was incredibly powerful, and this article about how to create diversity in your business was so helpful.

I’m participating in the #AmplifyMelanatedVoices challenge this week and sharing lots of resources to my stories. See them saved in my highlight right here.

When I first read about defunding the police, it seemed radical and I didn’t understand how it would help. This week I’ve learned so much more about what that would actually look like and how the alternative programs proposed would actually protect citizens much more. Nobody is saying the police don’t have a role, it’s about reimagining what that role might be. This NY Times article was very helpful in helping me understand, as was learning the mission of 8 Can’t Wait.

Some information on why focusing on or being angry about the protests misses the point here and in this video here.

This episode of Revisionist History is not explicitly about race (it’s about the Troubles in Northern Ireland) but I agree with Malcolm, hearing that story shed so much light for me on what is happening right now.

I have pledged to read every book on the Anti-Racism bookshelf from Ideal Bookshelf. If you want to read them, buy them here or I also put together the whole list of them on GoodReads here.

I loved this interview with Ibram X. Kendi on Unlocking Us. Such a powerful and helpful conversation about anti-racism and vulnerability.

Really in-depth and helpful article about things white people can do for racial justice.

I wrote about my thoughts on bringing racial justice into your business right here.

I put together a further list of resources that I’ve aggregated from Black activists on my website.

I want to say this: as a white person, I am seeing it as my responsibility to amplify Black voices AND to have conversations with my white friends & family about how we can work together to remedy these injustices. So my email inbox is always open if you want to engage in a discussion about any of these topics, as are my DMs on Instagram. It’s not easy to unlearn and open our eyes to the oppression baked into our society’s systems, but it is important. I am sending you so much love. xo.

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