Inspiration: March 29

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Inspiration: March 29 >> Life In Limbo

I am eternally inspired by people who give their all and go all in just to make something fun and entertaining. Thank you to the Queer Eye Fab 5 for existing and for this absolutely epic lip sync battle. (Also, it goes without saying that I am beyond inspired by the recent season of the show too.)

This TED talk given by a woman and her rapist was incredibly powerful – and I also guarantee you’ll be surprised by it. CW: mentions sexual violence.

One of my favourite thinkers, Laura Vanderkam, has a new podcast *every weekday morning* (!!) about productivity & time management. Yes queen!

I really liked reading about Kate’s mental health survival kit and the way she thinks about self-care.

A slightly morbid but ultimately helpful/beautiful tool to encourage you to go see your parents!! Life is precious and short.

How much do I wish I’d discovered Amy Young earlier in life? Let me count the ways. Even if you’re not romantically single, I feel like there’s really good stuff in this video about unreliability in relationships more generally.

Last weekend I was at Nurture, and was so inspired by everyone involved. I want everyone to know about Nurture, Stephanie Phillip, Lorette Lingerie, Lunaria Laboratories, and Katie Benfey Photography!

Time is flying – it’s already practically April! Not sure how that happened so quickly, but I feel happy about it. It’s finally Spring here most days, which means lighter jackets and more sunshine and longer evenings…which means a happy Stephanie. Summer is my favourite and it’s well on its way. Thank goodness! Like I said, I was away working at a retreat last weekend and will be taking another one next week to go even more off the grid, so there won’t be an Inspiration post or newsletter next Friday. I’ll be back April 12th! I might be popping into the blog with my annual posts in celebration of my birthday so keep an eye out for those ;) Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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