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It’s April again! How did that happen? Life is moving so quickly since I moved home almost three years ago now. It feels like an instant! I love that my birthday gives me a built-in opportunity to take stock of things and check in with myself. It’s also a great time to be blown away by how much things have changed in only one short year’s time.

Every year I love to recap my favourite things and moments from the last year of my life. Last year around this time, my websites were hacked and it was a crazy nightmare, so I never got around to writing out my lists. I feel sad about that, but I’m getting back to it now! Here’s what I can remember loving while I was 27.

Aigle rainboots | Stylish rainboots with a little tassel? Sign me up please! I got these on sale from my favourite shoe store and proceeded to wear them for the entire winter whenever it was even a little mucky. So comfy and so cute.

Matt & Nat backpackI needed a good-looking bag that was big enough to fit my laptop, so I bought this one and have never looked back. I wear it everywhere and am always very relieved that it’s a backpack instead of a shoulder bag.

27 Things >> Life In Limbo

Sunday’s Company | I was fortunate to meet Mel, the founder of this botanical skincare company, at last November’s Nurture. She is very inspiring & her products are so beautiful. I’m slowly building a collection!

Keona Boutique Earrings | I have two pairs of earrings from this boutique jewellery line and I get complimented on them every single time I wear them.

Co-Star | This past year of my life was definitely the year that I became interested in astrology on any level, and downloading this app which lets you remember your chart and see your friends’ star signs was a very fun part of that journey.

Airtable | If you’ve been anywhere near me over the past year, chances are I’ve probably talked your ear off about Airtable at some point. It’s like a spreadsheet, but so much better because you can easily filter & re-group your data in various ways. Don’t just take my word for it! Run, don’t walk!

27 Things >> Life In Limbo

Ultralight Down JacketThis was a Christmas gift from my sweet mama, who also chose the raspberry colour for me. I love it and have been wearing it non-stop this Spring.

Palo santo | I am so in love with this scent and what burning it represents for me now. It’s been such a staple of my time at retreats and special evenings over the past year, and now it feels like such a lovely ritual in my life.

Seth Godin’s smoothieI remember hearing about this smoothie recipe on an old episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast, but I decided to try making it this year when I was looking for a new breakfast idea. So delicious! And lots of good nutrients inside.

AsanaAnother tool that incessantly makes my work life better! This year I fully committed to putting all my personal & work tasks into Asana and it’s been such a game-changer. I feel so much more productive and I never forget anything! Plus it’s so satisfying to check things off, especially on mobile.

Binge Mode: Harry PotterI got *really* into this podcast this year while re-reading the books alongside. I love their characterization, their funny impressions, and all the hundreds of facts they have to share that make the reading experience even more fun. Such a great show.

TeachableThis year was also the year of my very first online course! That process was hard and time-consuming, but using Teachable really made it so much easier. I am grateful for a service that easily helps me to put up my content and collect payments and make it look really pretty.

27 Things >> Life In Limbo

Next Year, For SureOne of my fave reads of last summer. I love books that make me feel real feelings, and this one really did. Love is weird and complicated, and I thought this book did an excellent job of depicting that.

AnchorI switched all my podcast hosting over to Anchor this year and oh my goodness I’m glad I did. Not only am I saving so much money every month, I also find their interface so easy to use and make updates within. Such a fantastic tool for podcasters.

Vanilla salt | Need I say more? I developed a true love for vanilla salt last year but couldn’t find it anywhere, so my friend Sonja made me some of my own to have. It’s truly exceptional, even in oatmeal.

CirceAnother book I loved this year. I wish I could re-read it for the first time! It’s a long book but feels incredibly short because it’s so hard to put down. And somehow the author makes hundreds of years feel compelling and rich and interesting. Loved this tale of Greek mythology told from a captivating woman’s perspective.

Bose headphones | These were a birthday gift a couple years ago, and I love using them so much. They’re awesome for blocking out other noise when I’m working at a café, and I’ve also recently started listening to music through them sometimes at home just because they make everything sound so much better.

Romance novels | Yes, I said it. These were a very fun part of the past year! There is something so delightful about stories about love and romance – they make me laugh sometimes with how cheesy they are, but it’s a good time. Caution: some are better than others, as with anything. Lol. I liked this one and this one.

27 Things >> Life In Limbo

Houseplants | The past couple years have really solidified my status as a plant lady, since I’ve managed to keep several plants alive in my cozy little apartment! Favourites include my Pothos plants, my snake plant, and my ZZ plant.

BananagramsMy family became truly obsessed with this game this year. We now each have our own set, and always play a few games anytime we’re spending time together. It’s so fun and funny and a great brain-teaser.

ShakshukaI was obsessed with this meal this year. Delicious tomato sauce with runny eggs & naan bread? Yes please! I love to make this for myself on weekend mornings, or sometimes just for dinner. So yum.

Dense DiscoveryThis was my favourite newsletter of the year! I love the links they find and the quotes they include and the thoughts they share.

My Grandmother’s teak furniture | This year I inherited my grandmother’s teak dining room table & chairs, which I have loved since I was a kid. They are absolutely gorgeous and have changed the whole feeling in my apartment for the better. I adore them.

Light timer | I installed one of these in my living room this winter and have been so thrilled with the results. It turns on every morning to help me wake up, then switches itself off, then comes back on in the evening and switches off at my bedtime. So handy! I want these for all my lights.

Hurry SlowlyI am obsessed with the way Jocelyn K. Glei thinks about the world. She asks the best questions to the most interesting guests! I always look forward to listening to her ideas anytime she has new episodes to share.

27 Things >> Life In Limbo

ArteryI am such a huge fan of the Artery platform and all the incredible talent I’ve gotten to witness as a result of being acquainted with it over the past couple years! I’ve been to showcases of dance, music of all kinds, poetry, food, pirate ships..and each one has been such magic. Go learn more!

Red lipstick & liner | This year I got a up-close tutorial of how to put on lipstick, including the step I’ve somehow always missed that you need to use lip liner first! Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of lipstick and love wearing it.

And there you have it! 27 things I loved over the past year or two. I love how these lists are like a time capsule to my future self. I know that ten years from now, I’ll have forgotten what little things I loved, but I’ll be lucky to have these lists to help bring those memories back.

If you’re curious, you can also see my favourite things from when I was 25, 242322, and 21.

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