Inspiration | March 28

DSC_0025This quote from Amy Poehler is a new favourite. 

I watched both Brené Brown’s TED talks this week. She is amazing, and such an inspiration. She gave me so many ideas about how I want to live my life. 

The TED Radio Hour on success was equally inspiring and thought provoking. Amazing. It made me think about how I want to define success for me. 

Incredibly important: Why domestic violence victims don’t leave

“We think we’re alone in our fears, but we’re not. We think we’re worse than others in our failures, but we’re not.”

Seth Godin talks about bringing your own chair to the table, or just making a new table. Abundance! 

Hugh Forte is one of my favourite photographers, and his sand dune portrait session this week made me so happy (and made me want to work really hard). 

I liked these thoughts on “running away” from your problems.

Joy the Baker writes some beautiful words by John Steinbeck on her blog. 

Vegan chai ice cream yes please immediately thank you. I’d also like to make chickpea socca and chocolate chip cookies

A wonderful reminder: 19 Tiny Things You Can Do to Make the World a (Slightly) Better Place

This post gave me serious wanderlust (yes, even though I’m in a foreign country!). 


This weekend I’m hoping to check out an outdoor market, explore another coastal temple, and spend some quality time at the beach. Have an awesome weekend! 

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