Inspiration: March 13

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Inspiration: March 13 >> Life In Limbo

A lot of my inspiration this week was in-person, rather than online. Starting with the SheEO Global Summit, which I attended Monday. I was floored especially by CV Harquail‘s talk on the feminist economy and Denise Hearn‘s talk on emergence.

I also went to see the ballet thanks to a generous invite from Sonja. It was three pieces (learn more here) and was completely stunning. It was also my first time at a professional ballet! If you have a ballet company in your city, I’d highly recommend. And if you’re in Toronto and are under 29, check out DanceBreak.

I read Mira Jacobs’ book Good Talk in one sitting this week. It’s interesting, impactful, and so beautifully written and designed. She tackles a lot of important topics with grace and humour.

When astrology and Harry Potter mix. Ha!

It was a real joy & honour to get to take part in the Kumvana Fellowship Program through Engineers Without Borders, and work for the day with two Ghanian women entrepreneurs. We got to strategize about some elements of their businesses, and also share about our lives. So powerful & very rewarding. Check out Cecilia’s (new!) website here!

I loved the first episode of Go and See, a new show about Japanese car design from Malcolm Gladwell. If you know me, you know I’m not into cars. It’s just fascinating to learn more about the beautiful complexities of Japanese culture and how those values are worked into the design of a vehicle.

It’s been a BUSY week as you can probably tell. So many things to do, so little time. I’m feeling pretty tired and haven’t been sleeping great, so I’m looking forward to a weekend away in the country! A group of friends and I have rented a little adorable cabin and are going to be reading, talking, and eating delicious food all weekend long. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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