Inspiration: March 6

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Inspiration: March 6 >> Life In Limbo

I LOVED this advice to “work close to the bottom line.” So smart, no matter what field you’re in, and I really liked her range of examples.

I really really liked the book Burnout by Emily & Amelia Nagoski. Really smart, tangible advice about dealing with stress for modern humans.

Oprah has a new podcast! She’s bringing back some of the best episodes of the original show – and I couldn’t be happier. I grew up watching The Oprah Show every single day after school and I can’t wait to revisit some of the stories that have stuck with me all this time.

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve recently been enjoying this new one I learned about called The Slowdown, which shares a poem every weekday. Hat tip to Rework for mentioning it in their episode about poetry at work!

I found this episode of The Daily about the coronavirus very informative and factual without being fear-mongering.

Nurture: Spring 2020 registrations open this weekend! I’m so inspired by the group of women on the team this time (and every time) and can’t wait for May.

On my business blog this week I’m sharing five companies that really inspire me for the way they bring their values into their businesses!

This week actually did NOT go by in a flash, it was slow for once! After a very busy month in February, I’m finding March to be a lot quieter so far. I kind of need the time to recuperate, so I’m not complaining! This week I spent a lot of time thinking ahead and planning out future projects, exploring new ideas, and just taking it easy. It feels good! This weekend I have some family stuff, and Sonja is taking me on a surprise date which is so fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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