Inspiration: June 29

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Inspiration June 28 >> Life In Limbo

Thoughtful questions for event organizers. This is geared towards speakers but I think these are great for deciding whether to participate in any kind of event.

Taking some time this week to plug Artery, one of my favourite things. Last Thursday I went to a secret rooftop summer solstice dance performance with farm-to-table food prepared by some of the best chefs in Toronto. Like, what? Go find out more about this amazing platform bringing more culture & community into cities.

This week my friend Erin took me (and the whole With/out Pretend team!) to an incredibly moving farewell gala for the Watah Theatre, a local theatre company that specializes in producing political theatre from a radical queer Black feminist lens. I can’t really even explain the magic of what we experienced, but I felt beyond lucky to have been there.

Well Ice Cream Books is pretty cute and pretty cool.

The next time you’re trying to name something, look at all the resources here! Basically every naming tool you could ever need.

Did you know you can now mute Instagram posts as well as stories? I keep wanting to just unfollow certain people but am not brave enough to do so yet! Mute it is.

This week on the podcast I’m talking about upper limit problems and what I’m doing to work through mine!

PS. Next Tuesday in celebration of Canada Day, I’m taking a mid-season podcast break! I’ll be back with a new episode on July 10th.

Life has been good this week! Busy, but good. I am writing this while sitting outside on a patio in the shade, listening to the birds and looking up at blue skies. This is the kind of weather that makes me happiest! I’m hoping it lasts because this weekend I’m going up to a cottage and plan to actually relax. No work, no emails, no stress. Just books, swimming, and smiles. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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