Inspiration: July 6

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Inspiration July 6 >> Life In Limbo

I can’t express how much I loved this piece from Jason Fried on outlasting: “Rather than thinking about how much you need to make to cover your costs, think about how little you need to help you survive as long as you want.”

Fun fun travel tips from the cool people at Bon Appetit. These include some of my staples like going to the grocery store, leaving unplanned days, using Google maps, and building the day around croissants. I will also definitely be borrowing the idea of stocking the fridge at home ahead of time.

I also really loved this advice on planning trips from Girls Night In, which is more philosophical but still super helpful, especially the tips about thinking of countries regionally and identifying legitimate FOMO.

A website app that does sticky notes and wireframes, yes please!! Yes! Please!

I re-listened to Laura Vanderkam’s TED talk this week, as well as a podcast interviewing her about her new book Off the Clock. I really love her philosophies about time and always find her approach fascinating (and helpful).

This past weekend at the cottage I read one of my favourite books of the year so far, Next Year, For Sure, and have since been recommending it to everyone. It’s so poignant and lovely and good.

This is not really a link, but it’s inspiring me so I’ll mention it – last week I met with the small but mighty mastermind group I’ve formed with a few friends and holy moly, even our first meeting was so helpful and productive. It’s just so nice to have a group of people to bounce ideas off of to grow your business.

Last weekend we were up at the cottage for the Canada Day long weekend and it was so wonderful. Lots of swimming, lots of reading, lots of puppy cuddles, lots of sunshine. This weekend I’m excited to bring that same spirit to the city! I’m helping out at my favourite dinner of the month, going to a housewarming party at my sister’s place, and seeing a beautiful storytelling event put on by one of my clients. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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