Inspiration | June 27


It’s no secret that Sarah Addison Allen is one of my very favourite authors, and this week I was inspired by the article about reading that I mentioned in last week’s inspiration post to “climb her family tree”. Her FAQ section had a lot of reading recommendations and I’ve added all of them to my never-ending to-read list. I’m planning to do the same with Curtis Sittenfeld and John Green next.

I thought this photo post from A Beautiful Mess about the stuff they’re currently loving was so totally awesome. This post from Elise that was inspired by it was pretty sweet too. So now I’m just excited to figure out my own version of it to do too!

A great article (via Laura!) about what travel teaches you that going to college doesn’t. For the record, I think both experiences are very important, but this article was full of great reminders.

I wouldn’t say I identify with every single one of the things on this list but I also refuse to say how many I do identify with (very many). I laughed a lot while reading it. I would argue though that I’m not antisocial! I just try to spend my social energy carefully, or at least that’s what I’ll be over here telling myself.

I thought that this week’s episode of This American Life was exceptional. They did a show live in Brooklyn and it included a Broadway musical adaptation (!!!) of one of their radio shows. I absolutely loved it, and I am not kidding, I still have one of the songs stuck in my head 5 days later.

This picnic looked so yummy and fun. “The point really is about creating the space to enjoy a meal or hefty snack in a beautiful setting along with people you care about.”

Two Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately: @sonyayu, a new-to-me food photographer with the prettiest, most colourful stream, and @ariellevey, whose stream is full of southern California loveliness.

Some oldies-but-goodies: the time I went to Diner en Blanc, strawberry rhubarb pie (3 years ago this week – whoa).


And another week bites the dust. I can’t believe it’s mid-summer already. When did that happen?! We still have a lot of summer left though, and I intend to make the most of it. This weekend I’ve got to move into my new apartment, but I’m also hoping to squeeze in some beach time! Happy weekend everyone.

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