Inspiration: June 21

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Inspiration: June 21 >> Life In Limbo

Ask Polly is the hero we all need! I loved this column, “Men Always Disappoint Me.”

I liked this article on things that are “worth the money” according to Ramit Sethi. I may not agree with all of his choices, but I like the thought experiment of figuring out what’s worth the money for me specifically.

I liked this older post that Sarah shared on her newsletter this week – the advice is still just as relevant as ever! “I figured out what I wanted. Then I stopped doing dumb ish that moved me further from goal. Once I’d stopped doing self-defeating stuff, I started doing things that brought me closer to what I wanted. That’s it.”

Talk about a dream proposal! At one of my fave bookstores, no less!

Paul Jarvis charged $20 to ask him anything, and then he shared the answers publicly in a video that was jam-packed full of good free advice.

Very into this public health initiative of putting sunscreen dispensers in parks here in Toronto! So smart and handy – I could have used one a couple times this summer already.

Daily blog posts from this week are here! Actions Speak Louder Than Words, On Buying Books, Easy Joys, and Forest Office.

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about the strategies I’m using to establish my new habit of blogging every weekday!

Thursday already?! The weeks are FLYING lately, which I’m taking as a good sign. The weather is getting nicer, I am spending more time outside, I am seeing my friends and family more, I am happier all around. I am also loving my daily blogging! Already I am feeling motivated intrinsically by the rewards of feeling more tuned in, more aware, and more satisfied. I love having a daily writing practice and I’m sad it took me this long to create one. This weekend I’m looking forward to BBQs, outdoor movies, and beach picnics. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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