Inspiration: June 1

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Inspiration June 1 >> Life In Limbo

I love Jocelyn K. Glei for always reminding me of what’s important to me, and I loved her newsletter this week about taking a break from her computer. Refreshing.

In case you missed it, Where Should We Begin? is back at it with the heart-wrenching, soul-feeding, genuinely moving episodes. It’s my favourite podcast!

It’s election season here in Ontario, and I was proud to vote in advance yesterday. For anyone else who lives here: everything you need to know, a quiz to help you decide who to vote for, and Just F’ing Vote, an initiative for millennials.

This week I learned about this Entrepreneurship 101 course put on by MaRS and it looks awesome.

Oh my gosh, Airtable blocks look so cool. I am a bit overwhelmed about how to begin using them, but this is my current favourite system and I am trying to convert everyone.

This week I interviewed my friend Rebecca Jacobs, a personal style coach, about how she uses her morning routine to live a better version of her life.

Without a doubt, the most inspiring part of my week was being up north at my boyfriend’s family cottage. For me, there is absolutely nothing more inspiring than being in a beautiful natural place surrounded by water and sky and trees. Although it was not a vacation – I was working while we were there – it was extremely refreshing and grounding. Even though the boat battery died as we were leaving and we had quite an adventure trying to get off the island! Still so much fun. This weekend I’m hoping to catch up on some work projects and spend time with my family. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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