Inspiration: July 5

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Inspiration: July 5 >> Life In Limbo

I love reading perspectives like this one. It’s SO IMPORTANT to remind ourselves that bigger ≠ better.

Dense Discovery of my favourite newsletters, but this week I particularly liked Kai’s intro, about “how to build up your audience” – a question I get like 5 times a week. His answer was exactly right, as far as I’m concerned.

Sarah re-shared an older article to her newsletter last week that really got my gears turning. YES to making fewer decisions! I feel like I could establish more of these in my life.

I read Normal People this week in basically one sitting. Not surprised it was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize! I liked it wayyyy more than Conversations with Friends.

In a world of bad news, I am inspired by the new podcast Solvable, which talks about big thorny issues that are, actually, solvable. I haven’t listened to all the episodes, but I particularly liked this one on homelessness.

Speaking of Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History (one of my all-time faves) is back, baby! Wherein our fearless host & his cunning assistant take the LSAT. So good.

This week’s daily blog posts from yours truly: Who Are You Doing a Favour? (Again), Leave Things Better Than You Found Them, Stick It Out, and On Re-Reading.

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Another week has come and gone and it is finally properly summer here in Toronto! We have sunshine and muggy heat and I am happy as a clam. My personal rule is that I can never complain about the heat, because I can’t help complaining about the winter. Anyways, I’m planning to take it easy this weekend and enjoy all the patios & parks that Toronto summer has to offer. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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