Inspiration: July 24

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Inspiration: July 24 >> Life In Limbo

Lots of spoilers in this episode for The Dutch House, but I wanted to recommend it because I LOVE Ann Patchett and I find her so wise. There’s a part near the end of this interview where she talks about how the creative process involves forgiving yourself and it’s such good advice.

I’m currently reading Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee and it’s blowing my mind. The historical examination of productivity alone is so fascinating!

As I review the software products I’m using in my business, I’ve been really grateful for the work of Kris Smith of The Black Techie. She provides lots of helpful information about what companies are stepping up in terms of anti-racism and equity and which are decidedly not.

This video makes me so excited for the day (hopefully soon!) when I have a patio I can style!

I’ve been so fascinated by Ziwe’s Instagram Live show Baited, where she talks to (mostly white) people about racism. Every episode is super interesting and uncomfortable. I especially liked the one she did with Alison Roman.

Big fan of romance novels lately and a big fan of Talia Hibbert who I discovered recently. I just finished Take a Hint, Dani Brown, and it was delightful!

This week has been a total blur yet again! In a good way. I’ve had lots of great client calls and group coaching sessions, made progress in planning out my next offering, researched anti-racist software decisions, spent time with friends and my boyfriend, worked on a puzzle and picked up a round of library holds. Happy camper over here! This weekend I don’t have any big plans but I’m excited to relax, read, perhaps hit the beach, and soak up the slightly cooler weather. Hope you have a great weekend too! xo.

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