Inspiration: July 17

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Inspiration: July 17 >> Life In Limbo

I started listening to the podcast Uncivil over the past week and it is so excellent. It’s essentially a re-telling of the American Civil War featuring all the stories that don’t get mentioned in the official history books. So well-produced and fascinating.

New-to-me cool tool! Hopin is essentially an online conference/tradeshow/event venue. Really easy to use and set up and allows for lots of interaction.

In honour of International Non-Binary People’s Day this week, I really liked this post showing some simple language swaps we can make to be more inclusive.

This week I remembered that FutureMe was a thing! If you’re not familiar, it’s a super simple service that will email you a letter from yourself, at a certain time in the future.

This adorable video of an over-stressed doggie calming himself down perfect example of how introversion and self-regulation are biological imperatives! This inspires me to take better care of myself too.

I set up this Notion notebook template via Thomas Frank this week and I really love it so far!

“Scripts” for when you’re invited to something that you feel is unsafe or risky because of the pandemic.

This week FLEW by yet again! It was a busy one with a lot of “life admin” kind of scheduling, client calls and new projects. I also got my first COVID-19 test! They’re definitely not pleasant, but not too bad at all. This weekend I’m planning to escape the city a bit, hopefully go for a hike, do some more reading (I’m officially back in my groove!!) and catch up on my lost sleep. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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