Inspiration: July 31

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Inspiration: July 31 >> Life In Limbo

Loved this idea for negotiations to start by asking about a prior success in a similar situation.

folklore came out last week and I have literally listened to nothing else since. The lyrics and the undercurrent of untamed women in this album are key.

I laughed out loud at this meme. Too true.

So so so inspired by the news that Toronto had a day with only ONE new COVID case this week. Wow. So thankful.

Reminder: these are considered boundary violations!

I bought one of these gorgeous botanically-dyed masks this week. Very here for pandemic fashion choices!

This week a friend introduced me to Kara & Nate’s YouTube channel and I love it! They have a lot of cool travel videos, but I’ve been most interested in their current series about buying a van to live in during the pandemic.

I read The Book of Longings this week and it’s definitely my favourite book of the year so far. SO good.

Today marks my 116th day of learning Romanian! I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to start a Duolingo daily habit. So much more fun and more productive than social media.

Most of what inspired me this week was taking the time to build my new group coaching offering, The Profoundery! Picture: live calls, curated resources, monthly themes and a vibrant community to work on your business in a fun & intentional way. Click here to join the waitlist!

This was a good week! It felt balanced between work and relaxation, and I had a lot of open space to start planning for my new offering mentioned above! So exciting to see it start to come together, I can’t wait to share soon! This weekend I’m going to be spending some much needed family time out of the city and am really looking forward to it. I’m also going to try to find a book to follow up my amazing reading experience of last weekend! Wish me luck. I hope you have a great weekend too! xo.

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