Inspiration | July 18


Elise’s Make29 product for July is copper foil prints and they look so awesome.

I started listening to this playlist last night while doing some yoga and I think it’s the perfect calm collection of songs. I was thinking “yes!” with every song that played.

I saw this video of pets interrupting yoga on the recommendation of a commenter this week and laughed out loud almost the whole time. So funny, and it reminds me of my pets.

I’m not a fan of the sensationalist title, but there were some very thought-provoking photos in this article.

World Domination Summit looks like it was so incredibly cool, and the photography was so well done.

I really really love the color/colour blog. It’s a collection of different photos, each with a specific colour as the focus.

I watched this documentary about North Korea last weekend and I learned so much, it was very well done.

Two Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately: @teekigram – a yoga pants company with a lot of soul – and @jenniferelizabeth_ – a Canadian living in England with gorgeous photos.

Some oldies but goodies: this time last year I was en route to Paris (I could really use a falafel right now, please!),  my list of the best things in 2011 (surprisingly still accurate).


I can barely believe that it’s July 18th. My closest friend in Korea, Dylan, is leaving in a little over 2 weeks, but this is his last full weekend in Busan because of his summer vacation. It’s crazy, because it means almost 5 months have gone by since I arrived in Korea (!!) and definitely bittersweet. We have lots of things planned: lots of time spent on the beach, karaokeing, exploring Korea, and of course going to our favourite spa. I’m looking forward to it. Happy weekend everyone!

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