Inspiration: July 12

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Inspiration: July 12 >> Life In Limbo

Big fan of these gifs to encourage us to take some deep breaths. Also a big fan of the artist’s Instagram account – I laugh at his cartoons daily.

Say thank you, appreciate people, be humble, leave a legacy.

Productivity tips for all the Enneagram types. Lol, but also: helpful!

I linked to this in one of my blog posts this week, but I am re-sharing it here because it’s Plastic-Free July! Very inspired by this post about plastic-free iced coffee.

Wandering Aimfully is building a Squarespace website and brand from scratch this month and it’s a fascinating project. I am so inspired by how their brains work! Loved the videos about creating a brand colour palette & logo.

These were some fun tips for making your Instagram stories prettier!

In case you missed them, this week’s daily blog posts: Obvious Solutions, Simple Joys, Small Zero-Waste Shifts, and On Having Ideas.

How was your week, friends? I had a beach picnic and went to a beautiful al fresco concert in a gorgeous ravine backyard, so mine was wonderful. Business has been good this week too, there is a lot going on but it is all good things so I’m excited about that too. This weekend I’m planning to enjoy one of our many free outdoor pools here in Toronto, and am lucky enough to get to see the Season 11 RuPaul tour with my lovely friend Laura! Omg! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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