Inspiration | July 11


While I don’t think I would follow it to a T, I liked how this freelance weekly schedule encouraged setting aside chunks of time to do various activities. It inspired me to want to be more intentional in the various things I want to do, especially as I think about how I want to do more writing and learning.

I always love reading about psychology and body language hacks because most of the time, I find that they work! This article about body language tricks to make people like you taught me some things I didn’t know.

Last week I was a bit homesick, especially since my family is getting ready to move out of my childhood home. I resonated with this post about a family’s dining room table and all the roles its played over the years. It made me think of our big wooden table and all the different activities and meals and experiences we’ve had at it. I get a twinge in my heart just thinking about it (sorry Mom).

Teeki was having a sale this week! When I found out, I got out of bed to try and order some but I didn’t end up getting anything, mostly because they’re sold out of my size in the styles I like. I have my eye on these and these.

Kiva is an awesome organization I’ve begun working with this year. They facilitate microloans to small business owners in countries around the world. Today they’re having a million dollar match day, where every loan you make is matched. If you use this link to create a Kiva profile and lend for match day, I’ll get a $25 loan credit, to make an additional loan – no, I will not get the money myself! It just means more money to the people who need it.

Thanks to my friend Dylan of Millennial Abroad, I’m obsessed with this new song from Chromeo.

Two Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately: @designlovefest went to Provence and her photos were so wonderful, @morningslikethese posts the dreamiest photos, and I’ve been loving all the recent summer ones.

Some oldies but goodies: this time last year I was in Hvar, Croatia island-hopping on a little boat and petting wild donkeys, bright blue edible roses for a boy.


Unbelievably, this is my good friend’s (the afore-mentioned Dylan) second-last weekend in Busan. Life moves and changes so quickly, it’s astonishing. When I arrived in Busan, I knew we had 5 months to spend running around together (and run we did), but apparently that time is nearly over. This weekend we’re planning a short daytrip to a beautiful island nearby, and then rounding out the weekend with our favourite routine: a beach day, Quizno’s, a soak in the baths at the spa and lounging on the roof overlooking the beach, and Korean diner for dinner. Happy weekend everyone!

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