Inspiration | January 22

Sucha great article about the need for an emergency savings fund – told in a very compelling, kick-your-butt-into-gear kind of way. So good.

Stop going to the hardware store for milk! This idea can apply to almost any area of your life.

We listened to these two episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show with Tony Robbins yesterday in the car and I was left feeling so motivated and energized to start taking my game up a notch.

A beautiful post about having a “mediocre” life which is really more about feeling a sense of abundance in your life and knowing that you are, have, and do enough.

I downloaded the new A Color Story app from A Beautiful Mess and I’m excited to play around with some of the filters and editing options.

Love this quote, especially since it reminded me of my word for 2016.

We took a little trip to the coast of Ecuador this week, so I wasn’t on the computer very much – which was great, but it means that there are fewer links this week. We were in Canoa, and had a lovely time. This weekend I’m excited for yoga in the park (the class is getting bigger every week!) and hopefully doing a lot of reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ps. If you missed it, I’m launching a blog creation + design course in a few weeks! Click here to get a special discount code when the program is open for registration.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration | January 22”

  1. Oops. Your first link (emergency savings plan) actually goes to something about how to hyperlink a pdf and not to what it’s supposed to.

      1. Great! I can see it now. :) Btw, I’m not much of a commenter but I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and have enjoyed/been inspired by your posts (and helpful links like these). Thanks!

        1. Hi Natasha, thanks again for letting me know that the link was broken – glad it’s working for you now!! And thanks for your kind words, I so appreciate it. I am happy to share my inspiration!! Thanks for reading. :)

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