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Inspiration January 16 >> Life In Limbo

I absolutely loved this article about one woman’s experience using a questionnaire to fall in love. The questions themselves are here and they sparked some great conversations at dinner with friends this week. Spoiler: the questions are really hard to answer!

I read two of Rainbow Rowell’s books this week, Landline and Fangirl, and was obsessed with both of them. They made me feel a whole bunch of (happy, romantic) feelings.

Jess Lively had an awesome podcast this week about being intentional in 2015. The really great shownotes for the episode are here and I especially liked this older post she linked to of the top 10 books to accompany the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.

A blog reader sent me this infographic about banh mi that breaks down all the different kinds and what to expect. I’m planning on being in Vietnam in May so this is very helpful.

A really, really beautiful studio makeover.

On Guinea Pigging Green (the podcast I co-host) this week we are talking about our own intentions and goals for 2015! Lots of good stuff in this episode. The shownotes are here.

I updated my photography portfolio this week! Reminiscing and looking back through my photos makes me so happy.


My inspirations were short but sweet this week. It’s been another hectic week and one where I didn’t feel overly inspired: mostly I had my head in a book and tried not to worry too much about the fact that I’m only in Korea for another 2 1/2 months with a ton to figure out before I leave. I have a good friend from home (!!!) coming to stay with me this weekend (she just moved to Korea a few weeks ago) and I think it’ll be a wonderful weekend. Have a good one!

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