Inspiration: February 26

February 26

I’m back into Duolingo this week to finish up my Spanish course and I am sad I ever left.

This post makes me want to create a standing coffee date/book exchange with a good friend, stat. Such a great idea.

11 ways to get through a Monday, or any day.

I finished reading The City & the City this week for my book club and really enjoyed it. Next up, I’m planning to read A Window Opens and The School of Greatness.

Speaking of reading, I liked these tips on how to read more from TheWhat.

I wrote this quote in my planner this week.

I’m heartbroken that I can’t get Book of the Month Club here in Ecuador or even at home in Canada. Come to Canada please!

The Blue Apron app is serving as a big source of inspiration for new recipe ideas.

It was a mostly quiet week, just getting back into the swing of things after a week spent exploring the city. I went to a fun trivia night at a local pub, had a good meeting for work, recorded an episode of the podcast and tried out a cool new café. This weekend I’m looking forward to yoga in the park and my book club meet-up. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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