Inspiration | February 20

Inspiration February 20 >> Life In Limbo

Some great tips on how to be more balanced and productive.

I got into an INFJ research rut last weekend and had to laugh at this article about the 5 best career paths for INFJs – aka every career I’ve ever considered.

The Omprakash EdGe program looks really amazing – it’s an online training course + immersive internships for people interested in international aid or volunteering.

Another installment of “What Boys Think of Girl Names”, and this time my name was in it! Really funny, I love Buzzfeed.

The pictures in this blog post about Luang Prabang made me SO EXCITED to visit there.

A cool article about a week in the (food) life of Joy the Baker.

When work is like work. (I’ll never stop loving blackout poetry)

I found this gorgeous pastel Instagram feed and had hearts in my eyes.

And from me: I made delicious kimchi pancake for Guinea Pigging Green!


We’re off work this week for Lunar New Year here in Korea, so I took a mini blog break on Wednesday. This week I’ve been relaxing and saying goodbyes to friends who are on to other adventures. I have less than 40 days left of living here, which is scary and exciting all at once. Lots to do, but lots to look forward to. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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