Inspiration: February 1

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Inspiration: February 1 >> Life In Limbo

As you may have seen on my Instagram stories the other day, Laura introduced me to the Harry Potter sound mixer this week, which is just hilarious and delightful. I am currently re-reading the series and listening to Binge Mode alongside, and it’s bringing me a lot of joy.

A particularly excellent and moving Ask Polly column. Bless Heather Havrilesky, that’s all. “All you have to be is a human being. That’s success. When you’re a human being, life feels satisfying. Everything adds up. Every little thing matters.”

In the midst of a particularly brutal weather week here in Toronto, I found these pictures funny and whimsical.

Sarah does it again with this amazing article about how to get what you want by asking for it. I love how she gets specific about her own goals and makes specific asks. So good!

I really liked this piece about NOT planning your life so much. “When I erased the timeline of where I should be, I was able to enjoy where I currently am.”

Spoiler alert: you have SO MUCH TIME. You are SO YOUNG.

I always like reading about other people’s financial habits, and revisiting this article reminded me of how much I like to be frugal about some things and why that’s a good thing. 

In case you missed it, I’ve started another newsletter for my small business! In every issue I share a helpful article, what I’m reading, a project I’m working on, and something I was inspired by lately. If you’re a solopreneur or side hustler, I think you’ll like it a lot! You can sign up here.

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about one of my very favourite reframing techniques for when hard things happen. You can listen right here, and subscribe here!

No Inspiration post last week because: a) I was battling a bad head cold that had me in bed for a few days, and b) I actually forgot what day it was, because of getting back from New York! But I’m feeling almost back to normal and definitely aware of the date, so I’m happy to be back at it. This weekend I’m going to be catching up on my sleep and my reading, and spending some time with my baby sister who just moved to Toronto! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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