026: Kathryn Bondy on The Art of Noticing

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026: Kathryn Bondy on The Art of Noticing >> Life In Limbo

It was such a joy to talk to my friend Kathryn Bondy about her incredible work ethic, her profound artistry, and the way she sees the world. I am eternally inspired by almost everything that comes out of her mouth, and I was so excited to finally sit her down and start to capture some of her genius onto the record. In this episode we talk about how her journey began, how she taught herself the art of paper artistry, how her process has evolved, and what inspires her in the world.


  • Learn more about Kathryn’s work here and follow her on Instagram here
  • You can shop Kathryn’s gorgeous creations here
  • Learn more about your own birth chart here
  • Examples of some of Anthropologie’s gorgeous window displays here
  • Learn about Tiffanie Turner here and her book here
  • Learn more about the concept of “uncanny valley” here
  • See more about the Nurture retreat that Kathryn facilitated at here
  • Learn more about Mel Condotta and her plant allies here

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