Inspiration: December 9

Inspiration December 9 >> Life In Limbo

Reading books is the best thing ever period the end. Here’s one view of why that is.

A fascinating look at one freelancer’s income over 15 years. I don’t think we talk about this stuff enough.

Very important (and surprisingly helpful) advice: how to stop dating the wrong people.

Looking at happiness a little differently.

Now is the time to talk about what we are actually talking about. Read this one.

I love gorgeous dance sequences!

I cry, you cry, we all cry at this beautiful ad. I don’t even know what they’re selling!

Fascinating: why the perfect spouse is the best life hack no one told you about.

Another week gone by so quickly! It was a good one though: I started watching Jane the Virgin, finished knitting this sweater (and have not taken it off since), and caught up with some old friends. Just today my mom and sister stopped by unexpectedly which was the very best thing ever and reminded me: this is where you belong. Even though I’m still getting the hang of Toronto, I’m feeling so happy these days. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.


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