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Inspiration Dec 2 >> Life In Limbo

The Happier podcast made a Spotify playlist full of their listeners’ instant happiness-boosting songs. It’s an eclectic mix but definitely fun to listen to.

Lots of cozy feelings in this video, and it’s a good reminder at this time of year that it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day.

A little checklist to make sure you’re making each and every day vibrant. I’ve tried to make similar things over the years but I like the idea of a colouring format.

Train yourself to trust your knowing. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Cool Slack tips (if there’s anyone out there as obsessed as I am!).

I had never heard of Tai Lopez before, but I found this interview with him inspiring – the guy reads a book a day!!

These goal trackers are a free download this year for email newsletter subscribers! I’m a big fan.

It’s nutty how quickly this week went by for me! I watched Gilmore Girls (of course), made a ton of progress on the sweater I’m knitting, did a lot of work, had a spontaneous lunch with my mom and grandma which made me so grateful for the job I have and for finally living close to my family again. This weekend I want to get lots of fresh air, step away from my computer for long stretches of time, and read as many good books as possible. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Dec 2”

  1. The 13 values checklist is so well written! I’ve also been trying to figure this whole values-intentions-actions thing and reading this was so encouraging.
    Also Tai Lopez seems such an interesting guy, full of wisdom. And btw since the interview was on Alex Ikonn’s channel, would you recommend it? I’ve never heard of him. Thanks! Have a great day!

    1. I loved the checklist too! Caroline’s whole blog and brand are really amazing. As for Alex, I don’t watch his videos that often but I like some of his videos with his wife Mimi, especially the ones about relationships – their views on healthy relationships are refreshing.

      1. I’ve been browsing through her blog and I fondi so many useful posts!
        Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check their videos out :)
        Also, speaking of youtube, you probably know Casey Neistat. (If not, he’s a ball of energy living in NYC and making awesome videos, basically (and his first year-ish of vlogs as well as the videos previous to that are amazing)). I found this video “Casey Neistat | A guide to life” really inspiring, it’s a collection of quotes from his videos. I just thought I’d recommend something back to you! Also, Emma Gannon’s podcast, she interwiews amazing women (Liz Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed are on the list for example)

        P.S. Is the podcast coming back? I love your insights and inspiration, but I don’t want this question to feel pressing, I’m just curious and totally get you may need a break/change.

        1. I don’t know of Casey Neistat, but I’ll be sure to check those videos out! I also had not heard of Emma Gannon but on your recommendation I looked up her podcast and her list of guests is extremely impressive! I will definitely give it a listen.

          As for the podcast, we are actually working on a new episode that will be released before the end of the year! Stay tuned. :)

          1. Oh I’m so glad about all the three answers! I hope you like video and podcast :) And yayy for the GPG podcast!

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