Inspiration: December 8

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Inspiration December 8 >> Life In Limbo

I have been seriously loving the Hurry Slowly podcast since I discovered it. I listened to Jason Fried’s episode on setting boundaries at work and Craig Mod’s episode on safeguarding your attention this week and loved both.

This article is so, so, so importantThe myth of the male bumbler. “[We need to] shed our weird cultural blindness to manipulative male behavior. We must be smarter than our cultural defaults. We need to shed the exculpatory scripts that have mysteriously enabled all these incompetent bumblers to become rich, successful, and admired even as they maintain that they’re moral infants.”

Is it weird that I find this article about the end of the social media era extremely hopeful and comforting? Even though I do a lot of work in the social media world, I dislike it and more and more want to escape it.

On every episode of his podcast, Tim Ferris asks his guests what their best purchase under $100 has been within the past year – and then he compiled them all into a list! So helpful and my wishlist basically just doubled.

The tension between creativity and productivity. “She’s a naturally productive person who finds herself with some free time, yet she’s finding it difficult to not stay busy, even though she knows she needs the mind-wandering time to replenish her creative reserves.”

I was so into this post about daily logs (and that huge beautiful stack of notebooks!) that I immediately purchased one to start 2018 off on the right foot.

Like everyone else, I am so inspired by the choice of The Silence Breakers for TIME’s Person of the Year.

Another Friday after another whirlwind week! I had two interesting events for work this week – great opportunities to learn more about stress, energy and tension. And we’re moving into holiday season! Lots of fun plans on the horizon from now until the end of 2017. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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  1. It makes me so happy to think about social media disappearing!! My work requires me to be on social media all the time so my personal accounts have become so much less appealing… the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is get back on Twitter or Facebook :| Such a necessary evil for those of us in communications/marketing! Let’s hope the day arrives when we don’t need it :))

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