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Inspiration August 7 >> Life In Limbo

This was one of my favourite episodes of the Jess Lively show to date – it’s all about experiencing personal growth in your relationships with your loved ones. So inspiring and I was scribbling down tons of notes throughout.

Always and always and forever needed: advice for people in their early 20’s from Zen Habits.

An inspiring archive of posts about how to boost and organize your creativity using index cards.

In my next apartment I plan to make this downloadable print front and centre. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! Stop worrying!

Some cute/clever ideas about how to keep your living space more organized and effective.

“To change my circumstance, the most effective way to do that is to change the state of my body. When my body is flooded with oxygen-rich blood, my days are flooded with rich opportunities. When I lengthen my muscles, I create flexibility and spaciousness in my mind.”  What to tell yourself when you don’t feel like moving your body. 

How to meditate everywhere: so, so very necessary.

I love this blog that talks about building a minimalist wardrobe.

I needed so badly to remember this quote this week (via my podcast partner Laura).

I love Facebook Messenger for keeping me in touch with friends but I hate going on Facebook. Enter the Mac app Goofy! Simple, easy, and works perfectly.


Annnnd I’m back! Back in Canada, back with my family, back to the podcast, back to the blog (somewhat). It feels so good to be back in the land of huge blue skies, nights that stay light out until 9PM, goat cheese, avocados, barbecues and campfires. It feels so great to see my whole family again and meet up with some of my very sweet soul-partner friends. I am enjoying the quiet, sunny days, reading lots of books and getting back to some of the “work” that makes me so happy. I hope you are having a beautiful summer too.

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