Inspiration: April 20

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Inspiration April 20 >> Life In Limbo

My friend Kate told me about Paul Jarvis this week and I was instantly obsessed. All his websites and programs are so clean and beautiful and look so helpful! I can’t wait to learn more about the Creative Class. The day after, Sarah Von Bargen posted this article by him about consumption spirals that I loved. Apparently I was meant to encounter Paul this week.

How to love your partner the way they actually want to be loved instead of leading with “Toddler Brain”.

Jonathan Van Ness teaches us how to have a self-care moment: “What can you do to start to get there without having to do so much? How can you get to a destination without spending everything to get there? It’s a moment—just getting that flavor without necessarily having to go so hard.”

Reminder: What you resist persists.

My search for the ultimate CRM for my small business continues! But I am pretty sure I’m going to go with Dubsado: it has such great reviews, all the features I want, and is said to have some of the best customer service around. I’m excited to dig into more of its capability.

This is such a beautiful piece: How Do We Write Now?

Yes to this! “The most effective way to shake things up is to move across the world. Pick a place that’s most unlike what you know, and go. Eventually you’ll realize that your beliefs were not correct — they were just the quaint local culture of where you grew up. You are a product of your environment.”

It’s been another week that’s completely flown by with meetings and emails and work. That said, it’s had lots of lovely elements too: splitting a yummy pizza, pulling tarot cards on a sunny morning, talking about business with a group of cool people, brainstorming on big pieces of paper taped to the wall, visiting my friend Kathryn’s gorgeous studio (pictured above) and having soul chats. I love this life I’m living and feel lucky for it every single day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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