Lately | March


Heartbroken that it snowed about 6 inches last night (and counting) and that the sidewalks won’t be clear again for another little while.

Thrilled that I’ve been getting happy Spring-like light in my apartment lately (see photo!)

Relieved to be finished my big mid-term papers today.

Drinking a ton of water and lots of decaf chai tea every night.

Resolving to get back to reading and taking photos after a couple stressful weeks.

Psyched that the running season is off to an amazing start already!

Excited to watch the Girls finale tomorrow night with my girls.

Craving all you can eat sushi and some serious tacos (always).

Playing these three songs on repeat 1 2 3.

Sleeping like a baby.

Eating a ton of this peanut butter straight from the jar.

Inspired like whoa by the You Are My Wild project.

Planning a cool new project about wellness.

Calm, after dealing with my stress last week.

Happy that my weekend was busy but I still got to see some amazing people and go to see Stars in concert!

Nostalgic already about graduating from this school.

Thankful that I have a great job and great coworkers (last week, they paid me to eat chocolate, no kidding.)

Grateful for my family and my friends. I love them all so much I could burst. Y’all are my people!


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