Guinea Pigging Green!

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Remember that “green project” I was planning in my last post? Well, in a sudden burst of creative energy, it has suddenly come together in the most amazing way. I’m so excited to tell you about a new podcast, Guinea Pigging Green! My awesome friend Laura and I are big fans of talking about wellness, so we decided to create a podcast to share our thoughts on a bunch of green products and activities.

The aim of the podcast is to have honest talks about health, eco-friendliness and wellness in a fun, non-intimidating way. We are occasionally funny. I really hope you like it!

Our first episode is already up on the website, but you can also find it on iTunes here. In it, we tell you about the podcast, ourselves, and our very favourite peanut butter! You can follow us on Twitter @GreenGuineaPigs.

My life lately has been slightly consumed by all the technical and fun things that go into launching a project like this. I am busy but I am very excited! I can’t wait to share the next episode with you. Thanks for listening! Have a wonderful weekend.

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