Homemade Gingerale


This is a serious throwback post. Do you know how long these photos have languished, waiting for a chance to shine? Since April 14th of 2012. It is practically April 14 of 2013! Don’t ask me why I never posted this recipe before, all I can say is that it’s been lurking around in my mind but since I suddenly haven’t done anything very bloggable in the last couple weeks, I realized that this is the perf opp* to share this delicious syrup. Om nom, etc.

One of the reasons I haven’t got a ton of bloggable content lately is because I’ve been trying to live instead of document everything, a la this post. Last week is a perfect example. I had a lot of fun with some people I love, but at most I have an iPhone snap to show for it physically. I’m okay with that! I have my memories. I’ll take what I need with me.


That being said, looking at these photos reminded me that I was making a ton of interesting concoctions last year at this time (I was also far less busy…) and it gave me the itch to bake some bread and invent some cocktails and ply people with sweet things and take photos of it all. So don’t fret! The blog isn’t going anywhere.

I remember a few things about this gingerale. I remember that making the syrup made my apartment smell like a little piece of heaven for a week straight. I remember that I made gingerale practically every day for a little while there and that making them was a ton of fun (it’s amazing I don’t make more cocktails). I think I added gin a few times, #likeaboss, and I think it was amazing. The original recipe is by my homegirl Joy the Baker.


It’s the most gorgeous spring-like day today, and I am in a gorgeous mood. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed this week, and so I’m taking a little time this afternoon to go outside and be in the sun and get some exercise. I only wish I had some of this ginger syrup and some club soda waiting for me when I got back. Hope it’s nice where you are today! (ps. the light in these photos is so sunny and wonderful – I can’t wait for more Spring days to come!!!!!!*)

*I’m a dork, thank you for your understanding.

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