Advice to Myself, Circa 2006

I’ve been sorting through old papers, letters, journal entries and photos. It’s all in an attempt to streamline my memories so my mom can start getting rid of things in my room, since I don’t live here anymore. Mostly, it’s been spurring a lot of nostalgia, along with a great big helping of laughter. We were so funny back then. We probably still are, but we don’t write the letters to commemorate it.

I was going through one of my old camp binders, and came across a strangely poignant list I’d written down on a random piece of paper. No date, no context. But it’s lovely. I thought maybe you’d appreciate it too. Warning: it’s equal parts useful and fluffy.

Get more hobbies. Do what you WANT. Be nice. Be enthusiastic. Be yourself. Be insane. Think before you speak. Try rock climbing. Get Bronze cross. Learn guitar much better. Rethink iPod music. Don’t care about boys. Love yourself. Write all the time. Run. Get buff! Hang out with your family. Always learn new things.

Care. Try. Sing. Improve personal style. Buy tons of shoes. Be less obsessive. Don’t care so much about the little stuff. Be interesting. Eat more of what you want. Be close with who you love. Improve personal hygiene. Keep promises. Keep secrets. Keep friends. Always smile. Feel beautiful. Learn more piano.

Work hard. Play harder. Kiss for fun. Be the person you want. Practice your music. Take care of yourself. LAUGH. Love music. Don’t be high maintenance. Try out for cheerleading. Be cute. Be hot. Be friends with boys. Don’t be selfish. Never give up. Grow. Do things you’re scared of, always. Always have fun. Meet new people. Find things that make you happy.

Love your body. Use your body. Carpe Diem. Take pictures. Be inspired. Follow through. Be creative. Remember. Take camping trips. Learn to sail and canoe. Love life. Don’t be so bitchy.

2 thoughts on “Advice to Myself, Circa 2006”

  1. Buy tons of shoes and don’t be high maintenance – I’ll second that :)

    I love looking through all my old memorabilia, especially my journals. I think it’s hilarious that I can laugh at and share with my friends things that were once my top secret thoughts. Thank goodness I’m no longer such a drama queen!

    1. Haha, key staples of life right there! Shoes!! :D

      I know, I recently started a private tumblr to post hilarious old letters/photos/conversations that my friends and I used to have, because they were so hilarious and I don’t want us to forget them. :) We were definitely drama queens, but I’m glad we’re not anymore!! The funny part is, it wasn’t even that long ago, but it’s still nice to remember.

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