1/10: “Follow Your Bliss” Art

Okay, so I technically did most of this project on December 30th, but since I still did some touch-ups, re-sizing, and framing in 2012, I’m counting it towards my 2012 projects! Besides, I need some momentum on this goal, otherwise I’ll lose hope and fall behind. And with that, I give you my very first DIY project of 2012: a painted poster!

I got my inspiration for this project from Elise Blaha (don’t click the link unless you feel like falling down the rabbit hole of her blog for a few hours) who did a larger, more elegant version that used song lyrics and a real canvas. I’d had this saying/motto/phrase of “follow your bliss” floating around in my head for a few days, so one quiet, snowy afternoon I decided to make a print of it.

If it’s your first time “paint-writing”, as it was mine, I would follow in Elise’s footsteps. She recommends doing each word with only one dab of paint to start: that way your handwriting style is preserved, even if the lettering is very faint and wispy. Then go back a second time with a careful brush to make it dark and solid. This system worked very well for me.

I would also suggest doing a rough draft or two to get a feel for writing with paint, and to hone the shapes of your letters. I made two identical prints, but the second one turned out a little better, a little cleaner, so I went with it and stuck the first one to my little sister’s door. I hope she likes it.

I used an old brush we had lying around at home, I can’t tell you the exact size of it but I can say that when fully fanned out, it took up the width of the letters in my painting. The paint was black acrylic, and I painted on old off-white sketching paper that I cut in half to make this poster. The print turned out to be about 11 x 8, so I framed it in a plain black document holder (11 x 14) from Deserres.

It’s hanging above my bed to colour my dreams full of happy, lovely thoughts!

This was a really easy, fun DIY project, and I love the way it looks hanging on my wall. I have so much white space in my apartment, it makes me want to make more DIY art and cover my walls with it!


One of my 2012 goals is to do 10 DIY projects this year, this is the first! To see my other goals and my progress, click here