Most of you know I live in Montreal, most of the time. The rest of the time (time which is dwindling, as the years go by!) I spend at home in Oakville with my family. We play with cats, eat amazing food, run errands, argue with each other, laugh, and increasingly watch InkMaster on TV. One great thing about my hometown is that, despite being kind of suburban, it has a lot of great restaurants – which I tend to frequent, when I’m home.

Yesterday, my friend Kyle and I caught up over food at the oh-so-charming family favourite, Stoney’s Bread Company. It’s an adorable downtown restaurant, filled with light, noise, and good smells. It was recently profiled on the Food Network show You Gotta Eat Here, but my sister has been going and ordering the Nove sandwich ever since I was in high school.

We ordered the coastal mushroom pizza and the balsamic chicken sandwich. See the full menu here.

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