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{Weeknightmushroom garlic pizza with extra goat cheese and green salad with sauteed onions and mushrooms}

I love to eat, as you can probably tell. I have a confession though: much of the recipes that make it to my blog are special-occasion kind of food. Weekend food. Food I make simply to delight my friends. (They deserve it, I have absolutely wonderful friends.) It’s food I want to learn how to make, experiment with, make look really pretty.

But it’s not what I spend most of my time eating. If this isn’t immediately obvious, I apologize. That’s sort of the problem with blogs: they only showcase the glossy, lovely aspects of our lives. Not the mundane, quiet parts. Most of the food I love is simple, unfussy, messy, not really fit for photographing (though I do anyway). Shall I give you a little peek?

{Noodle-less pad thai: eggs, tofu, onions, peppers, cilantro and sauce}

{Toasted bread with butter and cherry jam}

{Sweet potato fries with garlic aioli + guacamole with shrimp}

{Chili with tomatoes, beans, onions, tomatoes and zucchini}

{I love apples: Granny Smith and Honey Crisp are my favourites}

{Shrimp stirfry with peppers, cilantro, onions, and soy/sweet chili sauce}

Other standbys for me are risotto (usually with butternut squash, mushrooms and parmesan), canned soup and salad, black bean burgers, bruschetta (tomato/onion, mushroom/goat cheese, etc), fajitas (fried onions/peppers, guacamole, salsa and cheese), and sandwiches of every variety. These days, I eat almost exclusively almonds or spoonfuls of peanut butter for snacks, and drink big glasses of water at breakfast and dinner.

What are your favourite messy, casual standbys?

2 thoughts on “Best Bites”

  1. I absolutely love chili, and your picture of it is so yummy! That toast looks so good, too! I love toast with butter and jam. My favorite food of all time is probably the potato soup that my mom makes in the slow-cooker. There’re potatoes, corn, chicken, broccoli, cream of mushroom, and sometimes celery. It’s so GOOD.

    Sadly, the staple food in my diet lately has been cinnamon raisin bagels with nothing on them. While running out of the house to make it to school on time, I grab the bag of bagels and have one for breakfast, one for a snack after school, and another on the way home after I finish at the barn.

    I nominated you for a blog award! :)

    1. Oh man, that potato sounds so amazing right about now! I hate cold weather, so hot food is the only way to make it better, isn’t it? :)

      I feel bad you have been eating so many dry bagels! I wish I could be there to toast your bagel and slap some cream cheese on it!!!! Haha, but you sound very busy, so good for you for making time to eat at all. Glad you liked the pictures.

      And AWEEEE GABRIELLE. That little paragraph about my blog made me blush. You’re so sweet. Thanks so much for thinking of me. :) I will try to fill out that award post soon.


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