There is nothing I love more than infusing a sprinkling of glamour and luxury into daily life. Whether you consider it luxurious to buy a new lipstick, linger with a cup of tea, sleep in, curl up with a stack of books or surround yourself with beautiful trinkets, there is quite literally something for everyone in the field of glamour. See my post on how to live a cozier life for more inspiration!

One of my favourite websites for additional inspiration is {this is glamourous}. It posts almost every day, simply with beautiful pictures of fashion, home decor and things that are simply so..well, glamourous. Definitely check it out, it will sweep you away with its champagne pink ruffles and gold trim.

Today I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken of glamourosity in my own life/friends. There’s so much beauty everywhere, you just have to stop and look!

Decadent puff pastry pizza with Boursin soft cheese, caramelized onions and basil.

Treating myself to a delicious dark chocolate bar and cozy movie..
Freshly picked flowers from the garden
A favourite photo
A collection of Harrod's products
Isabelle's high fashion bag a little sunflower friend!
Isabelle's beautifully french-looking framed poster
Seeing a rainbow on a beautiful afternoon
Buying fruity martinis..

Dressing up in my favourite old-fashioned polka dots for a fancy birthday dinner!

So? What are your favourite luxuries? Where do you find the most beauty around you on a day-to-day basis? I’d love to know!

xoxo, S.

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  1. I LOVE the concept behind your post! I would say my favorite luxuries would be bubble baths, soft blankets, silver jewelery, a pretty manicure, the blooming tree in my backyard, animal prints, misty rains on a spring day, strawberries, the list goes on and on!

  2. Right now I’m looking out of the huge windows in the Mac lab at the college quad with the trees lit up by the 3pm sun and the swaying in the wind.

    1. That sounds gorgeous! I am tuckered out from an intense workout and am about to curl up with a book..and fall asleep. :)

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