Momofuku Cookies

Heavens to Betsy. Who wants to take a pilgrimage to Milk Bar with me? Friends, they have things called Cereal Milk (like the stuff at the bottom of a bowl of Froot Loops) and Crack Pie. Crack pie. It’s like I secretly became Christina Tosi’s muse and I don’t even know it. Because I want everything they sell. Everything.

Of course, since I don’t live in NYC, I have to make do with homemade versions of their food. So I decided to make cornflake-chocolate-marshmallow cookies a few weeks ago. They did not disappoint. I still have some in a jar in my kitchen, if you want to come over and have one? There are also a few unbaked in the freezer if you’re a fan of raw dough. I can share.

These cookies are really easy. The only hard part is beating the dough for about 10 minutes – apparently, that’s so that we’ll be able to incorporate as much butter as possible into the cookies, without them melting in the oven. Of course, I’m impatient, so a few of mine melted a bit in the oven. I survived.

Let’s make em, shall we?

I used these recipes from Martha Stewart for the Cornflake Crunch (which goes in the cookies) and the cookies themselves.

 The cornflake crunch will make your whole house smell like buttery goodness. And the dough is good enough to eat by the spoonful. Not that I would know.

If I was to make these again, I would definitely try to beat the dough until it would beat no more. Some did “leak” butter in the oven, so the edges got crunchy instead of chewy.  I was trying out my new electric hand mixer and I have yet to find a comfortable place to use it (I was balancing on my stovetop, and the side of my sink..) so it was tricky to stop the dough flying everywhere. Next time I’m pulling out the good old wooden spoon and givin’ er.

FYI: this picture is just the cookies in the chilling stage. When I actually baked them, I made sure they were very spaced out – only about 6 cookies per baking sheet. They spread out a lot! And don’t skip the chilling stage, apparently it’s quite crucial. You’ve been warned.

Hot damn.

Oh yeah.

Enjoy! And let me know about that pilgrimage, k?

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