004: Or Har-Gil on Making Meaning

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004: Or Har-Gil on Making Meaning >> Life In Limbo

My friend Or is one of the best people I know at creating meaningful moments in the midst of everyday life, and I have been lucky enough to experience her magic over the past year that we’ve become close friends. She does a fantastic job of holding space for herself and for others, both in casual settings and in her work as an art therapist. She’s so wonderful and thoughtful, and it was so much fun to pick her brain about how she uses rituals to make her life feel richer.


  • You can find out more about Or on her website or Instagram
  • Before recording this episode we pulled cards from The Fountain Tarot! Or also generously lent me her copy of The Wild Unknown deck to start experimenting with using tarot as a tool in my own life.
  • I smiled and nodded as we were recording, then came home and googled “what is The Craft?!”. Turns out it’s a movie that I must now see.
  • Learn more about Bonnie Miller & narrative therapy here
  • For anyone in Toronto, Or is running her intuition card workshop soon! You can learn more about it & register here

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