Lately: October 2015

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Living in Quito, Ecuador.

Settling into a new apartment and routines in a new place.

Watching the last season of Masterchef US and Hannibal.

Reading Brené Brown + Elizabeth Gilbert.

Hosting yoga in the park on Saturday mornings.

Teaching a few private yoga classes too!

Updating my archives page and my food + drink page to be more visual and beautiful!

Drinking a ton of smoothies and juices.

Going for walks to the park as much as possible.

Recording music with my boyfriend at home.

Making our own coconut milk from scratch.

Eating delicious new things like pan de yuca and Ecuadorian ceviche, and my weight in fresh grapefruits.

Working on a new campaign for the Red Tent Sisters.

Introducing my boyfriend to my friends and family through the magic of Skype.

Planning our trip back to Canada for this Christmas.

Adoring all the mountains around our new home.

Finding wisdom from Journey to the Heart every morning before meditating.

Trying to cultivate my meditation practice and stay focused.

Feeling like I’m doing a better job of staying in touch with my loved ones this time abroad.

Grateful for this season of my life and all the love I have.

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