Lately | October

Feeling tired, but happy.

Experimenting with the perfect smoothie formula (to great success so far).

Reading Ghostwritten and Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism and loving both for different reasons.

Shooting only in Aperture Priority mode as much as possible.

Giddy about seeing my family + cats later today.

Perfecting my morning run routine.

Writing lists upon lists upon lists in my new favourite notebook.

Brainstorming vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes (with help from Pinterest!).

Drinking a lot of chai tea.

Having really bizarre dreams (as usual, for me).

Scoring free brownies at work!

Enjoying the non-cracked screen on my replacement iPhone.

Proud of all the great content my section is publishing lately on Leacock’s.

Needing a mini-vacation, cat cuddles, some pumpkin pie.

Improving at my job waitressing (and that makes me happy).

Grateful for my small pseudo-family of great friends that help me make this place a home away from home.

Feeling like the days are blurring together.

Excited that I got out of bed early (for me) this morning.

Loving my (expensive but worth it) new Under Armour sports bra.

Looking forward to reading the next book club book.


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