Inspiration | October 30

As mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend and I are currently halfway through our 10 day (!!!) juicing adventure. We were inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and we are using this free 5 Day Reboot for our juice recipes.

I read Eat, Move, Sleep this week and it was chock-full of simple but powerful insights into health.

The wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert on leading a life driven by curiosity.

Veggie food bloggers’ best recipes. Also, this falafel though.

George Saunders wrote beautifully about his incredible teachers. “Be kind, pay attention, err on the side of generosity.”

I’m gearing up to do a daily writing practice for every day in November, so this post about overcoming your blocks to being creative was apt and timely.

Taza and her family went to Peru! Their photos are so beautiful.

How amazing is Adele’s new song? I mean come on.

File under: Instagram Accounts That Get Me Every Time – Tara Whitney’s In Between Photos.

From me: I updated the blog design this week and added visual buttons to the Archive page!


So it’s day 5 of juicing and we’re hanging in there! I’m feeling relatively good considering I haven’t really eaten anything all week. There have been some headaches and some irritability, but I also don’t really feel very hungry and I seem to have a little more mental clarity. I haven’t had any real cravings and I don’t foresee us giving up early, but I am sure I’ll be glad to re-introduce solid foods. We’ve been taking the week pretty easy, hanging out at home mostly doing arts and crafts and working on different projects.

This weekend we have yoga in the park and lots of juice to look forward to! We’ve been watching Hannibal (terrifying but very well made) so there might be a few episodes of that too. I hope you have a lovely weekend too. xo

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