Lately | May


Taking photos on my iPhone more than on my camera.

Indulging in dark chocolate after my lunch.

Going to the beach every weekend.

Starting to watch Gilmore Girls for the first time and I think I’m going to quickly become obsessed.

Ending my weekends at the local jimjilbang for a soak in the hot baths, a trip to the sauna, and time spent appreciating the view of the beach and bridge from the roof.

Eating kimchi fried rice every time I go to the local Korean diner.

Doing a daily handstand challenge for the next few weeks with my co-host at Guinea Pigging Green and already I’m improving!

Falling behind on my reading goal even as my to-read list gets longer and longer.

Planning to buy these shorts and these shoes on my next paycheck. (I’m as surprised as you are that a pair of high waisted shorts are on my wishlist, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried them on.)

Cheering my mom on from afar as she’s working hard to get our house ready to sell in only about a week’s time!

Looking forward to trips in the next couple months to Seoul for Ultra music festival (M.I.A. is playing!) and Jeju Island.

Thrilled that people I know from home are considering moving to Korea to teach!

Re-obsessed with Pinterest.

Getting an anxious heart sometimes for no good reason but working on letting things go.

Listening to equal parts Fancy and the Gregory Alan Isakov album.

Grateful for FaceTime, email, and that all my loved ones are healthy & happy.

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