Inspiration: September 6

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Inspiration: September 6 >> Life In Limbo

I listened to this podcast episode from Awaken Radio twice in a row because it really resonated with me. If you’re feeling a sense of being ready for next steps but feeling resistance around them, it could be a good listen.

I did a couple Yoga with Adriene videos this week and particularly enjoyed the vibe and practice of this Fill Your Cup yoga. Yum!

Everything Malcolm Gladwell does, I love. This week on his podcast he announced that he’s revamping the audiobook world by making the audio version of his new book, Talking to Strangers, so dynamic by including original audio archival footage, recordings of everyone he interviewed for the book, reenactments of scenes, and more. Why aren’t all audiobooks this? Because we’re not all Gladwell. Sneak peek of the book in this new format right here.

This vlog made me want to a) go to Morocco, and b) get a whole bunch of new Moroccan-inspired home decor items! Can’t get over how gorgeous everything is there.

This week I finally caved and bought the premium version of Flic (only $3!) to be able to manage all my photos better. It’s essentially the dating app of photos, meaning you can swipe left or right to keep or delete photos from your phone’s archive. I can’t really explain why it works so well, but it’s the ONLY way I’ve ever successfully cleared out iPhone photos so it’s worth it for me. Their free version is pretty good too!

Obviously my big news this week, in case you missed it, was the announcement of the Business 101 program from Make Lemonade – I’m teaching the Operations 101 class! It’s so exciting to see this take off, and the most inspiring part for me was working with the incredible team of women. You can see a fun sizzle reel here!

This week’s blog posts: Something Juicy and Advocate for Yourself.

Haha! I said I wouldn’t be coming back for a newsletter this week, but it’s too late, I’m back. I had started writing this one before I even remembered that I’d decided to take a break from it. I think all the “back to school” energy has me pumped up so it felt like second nature to keep going. Old habits die hard, I guess! Note to self: next time, plan out your busy seasons in advance and take a break THEN (ie. December & July). Hope that you all had a wonderful first week “back”. This weekend, I’m having a mini business summit with a friend, picking up my altered bridesmaid’s dress, and attending my cousin’s engagement party with my family! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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