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Inspiration September 30 >> Life In Limbo

First and foremost: I started using Workflowy this week and I am in love with it so far. It’s an incredibly simple, nested list-making app. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but already it’s proven to be a very straightforward way to keep track of all the crazy thoughts in my brain, and I love that you can “collapse” the nodes so that the whole thing looks streamlined. They have apps for smartphones, and it’s been a permanent browser tab for me over the past few days. Check it out! (PS. When you sign up, we both get 250 extra “entries” per month – not really an affiliate link per se, just a great deal for everyone.)

7 questions to ask as a minimalist business owner – or person! Simple but profound, and lots of interesting examples across business & personal domains for how to use each in a practical way.

Why we resist things that make us happy and what to do about it. I wrote about this topic a couple of weeks ago, but I love that Sarah includes strategies for overcoming this tendency.

I’m sorry to say that I needed this reminder to not try to look at my phone while driving (only stopped at intersections, but still) – thanks mom!

I bit the bullet and bought a license for Hazel this week. I haven’t set up many rules yet, but I know that the possibilities of this app are endless. For those who don’t know, Hazel is an app that runs in the background of your computer automating things based on rules you create – think moving files around, emptying the trash, sorting things for you, etc. You can do a free trial through their website to see what you think.

On the off chance you’re still not convinced (which personally, for better or for worse, I cannot fathom): fact-checking of the debate.

The photo of me above is from a tour I took of Wishing Well Sanctuary last weekend! It’s a local sanctuary home to goats, cows, sheep, horses, pigs and other animals who have been rescued. It was a really nice experience to get to visit with some of the animals there.

I’m moving into my new apartment on Saturday! It’s been a bit of a hectic time gearing up for the move, so the week has gone by really quickly. But! Things are coming together. I am feeling more prepared each day (Workflowy is helping..), and my parents are going to help me with the move, so overall I am feeling okay. Wish me luck! I really can’t wait to get settled and unpack all of my beloved things that have been in storage for so long now. Have a wonderful weekend! xo.

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  1. I hope you’ll share more about your move to the new apartment like maybe what is your design inspiration or design approach!

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