Inspiration: September 23

Inspiration September 23 >> Life In Limbo

Sixteen small steps to happiness. This post is truly what it’s all about.

Coping with stress is necessary and important! Big love for this big list of ways to do so. It reminds me of a post I once wrote about things to do on study breaks, which also contained 101 items.

Okay, I don’t think any of us are “ruining” our lives here, but I still liked this post a lot.

Creating a new things practice is an awesome idea, and mine has brought so much happiness to my life over the years. This is a good reminder for me to pay more attention to my 26 list again!

I only recently discovered Caroline and her site Made Vibrant. I think her art is beautiful and her subscription Color Your Soul seems so fun and interesting.

This week I am finally sinking my teeth into this book and I really wish I hadn’t waited so long! I actually started it once, about a year ago, but for some reason didn’t get into it. This time around, I can’t put it down.

I’m hoping to take a course through Ladies Learning Code this fall. Looks so great!

Another week gone by in a flash. I did some reading, had some meetings, did lots of work on the computer, went for lots of walks (yay!) and took some time for dreaming up ideas – or trying to, at least. This weekend I am hoping to decompress, make some plans for my move next week (!) and finish that amazing book. I hope you have a great weekend too.